Buying musical instruments off of eBay?

Skylar H asked:

has anyone ever bought a musical instrument from a seller on eBay? I am looking for a cello and have found some new ones in the $100s including new strings, stands, etc….is there a catch or what???? This price range just seems unrealistic to me for a new cello. does anyone know if these are scams or real instruments for sale for so cheap? thanks!
thanks everyone, i play violin and have fallen in love with the sound of the cello ever since i started playing violin 6 years ago. i am just looking for something to learn and have fun on, so i am not trying to spend a lot of money, nor do i have it to spend. i have looked at local shops but they are way too expensive…thanks for all of your answers!
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What string-instrument learning strategy should I use?

RODGE C asked:

I would very much like to learn (in the long run) the guitar, the banjo, and the sitar. I am greatly interested in all three for different reasons…the guitar seems to be the “standard” with a good deal of potential, the banjo possibly the most fun and intriguing, and the sitar (while not my number one priority) fascinates me.

The problem is, I have (effectively) no practical experience with musical instruments. So, my question: how should I best go about learning these things? Should I take them one at a time (which is best to start/end with?) or learn them all together?

I intend on finding a teacher(s). I realize there are various methods, for example with the banjo, but I would like to learn as much as I can eventually and would like to be more proficient than a casual player. I feel that I can be patient with whatever strategy is best.
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So, any advice? Thanks.

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What kind of musical instrument could this have been?

Cool Dude asked:

My father was trying to describe a musical instrument he saw long ago. It was like a guitar, he said, but without a neck, and it had a keyboard like an accordian. You could hold it on your lap, and when you hit a key, a rod with a ball on the end struck a string, which sounded like a guitar. And if you held the key down, the sound would repeat rapidly, something like a vibrato. He said he’s never seen anything like it before or since. He saw it at a neighbor’s house almost 80 years ago. What could it have been?
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Thanks! Hurdy-gurdy does seem to fit the description well.

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please translate into french?

Jonny asked:

Please could you translate the most important points in this little extract into very simple french. The extract doesn’t have to be translated word for word either.. Would reallllly appreciate it, thankyou!!

“Mali is famous for its music and musicians. The traditional music of Mali is based on the songs of the jalis ( griots), a distinct caste of people in the social structure. Mali still maintains the position in the contemporary African music.

A wide range of musical instruments are used in traditional music. A type of 6 stringed guitar, Drums made of Deer Hide are some of the instruments used by traditional musicians.

The choicest instrument for the jalis is the kora, a harp-lute string instrument with 21 strings stretched over a long neck of rosewood.

Salif Keita, one of the most famous musician in Mali, is an ambassador for jails music.
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I need help from someone with string instrument experience. Please?

paiger888 asked:

I haven’t played a musical instrument since I was 15, I now am 23 and now seriously interest in playing again. I started out playing the clarinet in elementary school and switched to bass clarinet in middle school. I now would like to take up a string instrument. I’m very interested in playing the double bass but I’m not that ready to jump in that deep. I’m having trouble deciding on a violin or a cello? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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What should I do my demonstration speech on?

Rachel :) asked:

For my English class, we have to demonstrate and show how-to do something.
Some examples others have done:

How to set up a sound system
How to paint a portrait
How to do makeup and hair
How to play a musical instrument

I was going to demonstrate how to change a string on a guitar but my guitar got busted the other day when my friend and I were messing around with it.
Any ideas?

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A string on an instrument (0.9 m long) carries travelling waves at 180 m/s. What are the 3 lowest notes?

Lucious C asked:

A string on a musical instrument (0.9 m long) carries travelling waves at 180 m/s.

a.) What are the three lowest notes that this string can play (keeping the string at its full length)?
second to lowest:__Hz
third to lowest:__Hz

b.) If a note was “fretted”, by reducing the length of the string to 0.225 m, then the lowest frequency note this string could play is:__Hz

c.)What factors determine that the travelling waves on this string will travel at 180 m/s? (select all that apply)
_the tension in the string?
_the wavelength of the note played?
_the thickness of the string?
_the frequency of the note played?

I really apprecite the help!! Thank you!!

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what musical instrument is this?

OI! OI! OI! asked:

it has a bunch of strings like an electric guitar, but its like a keyboard, played sitting down. and i’ve seen solos with it in music videos. i saw one at a dave matthews concert. what is it?

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How best can I get a large musical instrument (gayageum) home to the US from Korea?

Alisha H asked:

I bought a gayageum (카야금) while here in Korea, and now I’m going home, and I want to take it with me or ship it home to the USA. It only came with a soft case, and I have no idea if they make hard cases or how to get ahold of one. The instrument is about 5 feet long and about a foot wide by 4 inches high. It has strings, and the bridges can be taken out and packed along with it separately. I need to know the best way to pack this. Has anyone done this?

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I need to make a musical instrument for school?

invincible asked:

If you can find any plans on how to make a guitar out of things not meant for guitars I’d appreciate it. If nothing else, can you tell me what I can use for my strings?
It has to play a full octave and you need to be able to hear it from about 30 feet away.

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If they play music at our wedding, should I divorce her?

nobody asked:

The link

The story from Arab News
This wedding party ain’t music to ears!

JIZAN: A wedding reception in the southern province of Jizan ended in pandemonium and the divorce of the newly wed couple over a dispute on whether or not there should be musical instruments at the reception. The mothers of both the bride and groom had agreed that singers would not play any string instruments. Nevertheless, the bride’s mother secretly paid a songstress SR8,000 to give a violin performance after her initial song, which was accompanied with a traditional duff. When the singer started playing the violin, the groom’s mother exploded with rage and began abusing the bride’s mother. The argument led to a physical fight between the two women with other guests jumping in. Peace was, however, restored after the intervention of several guests. Nevertheless, the still angry mother of the groom ordered her son to pronounce divorce, which he immediately did, Al-Madinah daily reported.

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mediaval europeans, east asians, central asian, middle easterns, musical instruments?

rn.curley asked:

why medieval europe and central asians including western chinese (uyghurs) and middle easts, sharing there musical instruments? while east asians like China, Korea, Mongolia and Japan has little similar but own unique musical instruments?

ex. almost european nations uses violin, guitar and piano. central asians like persia including western chinese uses daf, kemancheh(”ghijac” in western chinese) dutar,
middle easterns uses oud and other.

east asian instrument has their own vesion in every country. example, mongolia has it bowed instrument called morin khuur. chinese don’t adopted it. instead, they make thier own version erhu and evolved into korean haegum and japanese kokyu. chinese also invented. guzheng with 15-25 strings which did not adopted by any country. but is has korean vesion kayagum which is in 12 string and japanese koto which is in 13 strings. mongolian yatga with 18 string and vietnamese dan thran with 13 strings.

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what happens if you break your banjo string?

killer_tranny asked:

and i dont mean banjo as in a musical instrument

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How much is String art worth?

Dude 103 asked:

My wife makes this paintings from strings on a canvas. Here’s a link to show what the style looks like, but it’s not her painting (this is how she makes it)

But her painting has a girl sitting down in a forest with trees around her and some sort of musical instrument in her hand. She looks sad too. All the shadows in her painting are perfect as well. So what’s the worth maybe on average?
I think the art is called Giclée, but I’m not sure.
she’s done about 6 different one’s too

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